Merrimack Youth Baseball

2024 Winter Clinic Registration


For 2024 all winter clinic sessions will be run by the expert coaching staff at the New Balance Training Facility in Nashua, NH!   

Sessions will run Saturdays 5-7 PM from 2/16 through 3/15 with no clinic the week of NH Feb vacation.  

Sessions will include the following focus areas:

  • Hitting focus with evaluations (Stride, Pivot, Swing) 
  • Introduce throwing progression (vary for age) Pre-Pitch Fielding footwork/mechanics
  • Hitting drill work (breakdown swings, rocker swings, full swings hitting to back wall off.  Younger age tee work to front toss / older age group tee work to short overhand toss
  • Introduce outfield footwork, drop step, catching in front/eyes behind the ball (tennis ball to baseball progression/bare hand to glove)
  • Inside/Outside pitches (what is our approach on each pitch) Working on Hittrax.
  • Fielding glove eye side (heel toe, flamingo, working around the baseball)
  • Creating momentum in swing (Crane, 3 step swings, load/swing with hand movement)
  • Star Drill (IF/OF), 4 cone drill (IF/OF), 8 cone drill (OF)
  • Mini whiffle balls with Thunderstick, skill balls normal bats, Hittrax competition

Payment must be submitted to complete registration.